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Happy new year! What will you work on this year to make 2015 better?


So, I work for a preschool program and also, while visiting my crazy family, I notice, in general… People are not talking to their kids. This is why so many children have IEP’s for speech!

Just the idea of talking directly to them, in the form of a conversation, no matter what the age, children will pick up on those sounds and words that we use as adults and begin to mimic our words. I have a son, not even two years old that I talk to/ read to and ask questions to everyday. Perhaps it is natural to me being a preschool teacher, but for those who have children, if your priorities are your children, then the concept of natural talk to them, not down at them, is what should be taking place.

I get that lives are different and we are all very busy. But if someone can’t take time out to raise their children, teach them and talk to them, who will? And what exactly do they have time to do if not working with the one thing that you are responsible for in life?

Children are born natural learners, but it doesn’t come naturally to them if they don’t hear basic words (and no, the TV doesn’t count). Children absorb the conversations and start to connect the words with “things” in life. And please don’t be afraid to use big words. Even if they may not be able to say them at one years old, they will eventually.

I hear things from my son, that just melts my heart because I know that after many months of him just listening to our one way conversations, that he is able to use those words in the correct form, and I know that I am doing the best that I can with teaching him.

My point is , that we would have less children, whom adults can’t understand a lick of what they can say, and more intelligent, sophisticated sounded children. No more whinny voices because adults can’t understand. Less temper tantrums because the children would be able to voice their needs and wants!

Wow, imagine that! A world with less behavior problems from children all because parents talk/ read to their kids!

Why should they decide?

Ah, the phase of a toddler’s life where the parents are asked by doctors to take the bottle away…stressful!
These experts know what’s best, right? But they don’t live a day in the life of your shoes. Everyone is different and children are no exception. There should not be a limit on things like that.
I know, I know, juice or milk on toddlers teeth can hurt them in the long run, yadda, yadda, yadda.
You, as a mother or father know your child best. Survival of the fittest. Those less stressed, strive well in life. If something little such as an extra month or two of taking a bottle as a toddler, thus giving more sleep time for the parent, leading to less grumpy time for both parties, well I see no problem with that.

Why is it not an excuse?

So, apparantaly when asking for a day off from work when you don’t have a babysitter is not an acceptable excuse. I feel the job “mom” comes before pencil pushing, office chair holding, computer zombie, but I guess that’s just me. What is a good excuse? I really don’t have a babysitter for one whole day, wow, sue me for having life outside the office. I guess I haven’t used “I’m calling in dead” yet. Whew! What a day!

Let them just…play!

Kids learn best from playing, right? That’s what those in many education professions have been taught. It has been drilled in our minds, taught to us by example and shared with the parents of our students.

So why? Why, I ask, do local schools, (virtual schools are not exempt either) give so much homework every night? (which lets face it, most of it is just busy work anyway, right?)

As a mother of rambunctious kids, I understand the heart break of a child who is taught, from the very people we entrust our children to for many hours a day, that they must sit and do worksheets after worksheets of tedious, non-educating homework.  Meanwhile, childhood is wasting away!

Dont get me wrong, I think that some work reinforces the lessons taught at schools, but I believe they must be meaningful for the child and be real life tasks. For example, how many of us remember building an exploding volcano, a rocket that would launch way into the sky or a castle with real live working drawbridge?

My point exactally!

We don’t really remember the worksheets that we may have got smiley faces or stickers on, nor does it matter, and my generation turned out just fine! (Well, most anyway)

Even though more research has been done and evidence shows that children learn best by experience, the government seems to have changed that rule in the school system.

Now, I’m not one to get into a political all-out brawl. I just feel as a teacher, mom and homeschooling mother, I want what’s best for my children. As all parents do!

There are many assessments and statistics that I do trust when it comes to crunching numbers of what children are successful vs. which are not, based on certain curriculum. In my home though, I’m going as original, creative and messy as I can, to get those little brains stimulated!

The brain is a wonderful thing that I hate to see go to waste. I see development in my children that inspires all of this discussion.

And that is all the evidence that I need!

My children learned things like, ABC’s, counting, rhyming, weather, left and right, tying shoes, and even religion (another bad word in most schools), all with out a single worksheet from me. Wow!

This isn’t meant to be a rant blog, it is just the beginning of what I hope is a beautiful following of mothers or fathers, teachers and homeschool Hero’s to join in and take charge of the real education of the young people in society…to just run around and play!!!

Open those minds, they are the next generation to take care of us all. I don’t want it to be a scary thought!




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